Brandon Burrows is a singer based San Diego, California. Singing since the age of 4, Brandon is breaking into the music industry with his album "On the Move," recorded in New York and Los Angeles with talents like Amber and Rob Whitlock, Anthony Jackson, Will Lee, Cliff Almond, Chuck Loeb, and other great talents. With great performances under his belt and years ahead of him, Brandon Burrows is one to watch now in the coming years.

Brandon Burrows was born in Guam and raised in Hawaii until the age of 4 before moving to San Diego. His gift for singing was discovered at the age 4 when he sang along to songs from cartoons while his neighbor played the piano. Shortly after, his mother enrolled him in a children's theater group where he went on to play several lead roles over the next few years. His talent started shining after being enrolled in Rock Star camp, a summer program for young music talent. He won awards for his performances and recordings over the next two summers.

He then took the stage at family events, and weddings performing with the Wayne Foster band. By the time he was 12 years old, he sent in audition tapes to the San Diego Surf Dogs and the San Diego Padres, which lead to his performing the national anthem for both team with a highlight performance at a Memorial Day Padres game in front of a sold out stadium. Brandon's recording career was encouraged when he received an invitation to meet with Sony executives after that game, where he received praise for his performance and the inspiration he needed to move forward with recording his first album.

Brandon worked with vocal coach Amber Whitlock to develop the album and get into the music industry. Along with Amber's husband, musician Rob Whitlock, they spent the next year choosing songs and musicians, and recording at Avatar Studios in New York City and LAFX in Los Angeles. Also on the album are Rob Whitlock, Anthony Jackson, Will Lee, Cliff Almond, Chuck Loeb, and other great talents. He has had the opportunity to perform with some of these talented musicians at clubs like Anthology and Dizzy’s in downtown San Diego.

Music is his passion and Brandon has chosen to make a career in the music industry.